by James Penha

“Nobody deserves that. I don't care who you are. A college freshman was...tied to a fence, and left 
for dead in Wyoming this week. --The Laramie Project
“Yes it's happening again." --Darun Ravi

"Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." --Tyler Clementi
Soaring out of body by a lover’s magic
when a different breed of mate lying
in wait with one fiddleback
webs him on invisible waves even higher
a crisscrossed angel levitation so misdirected
not even the pigeon knows he is on the air
until he sees himself naked and gut-strung
to a link fence infinitely
tweeting caged-bird ejaculations
no prayer can answer
unless houdini in reverse
he will escape into the river
manacled and disappear forever

James Penha edits The New Verse News.