Cucumber W/Shrimps & Eggs

A comfort dish that I grew up eating and long forgotten about it. Suddenly I remembered as I hd a pack of cucumber in the fridge! LOL! 

I super love the gravy for this dish and I can jiak many rice with the gravy and eggs! Dont worry about the shrimps cos I can give them to you! Eggs and gravy is yummy enough! 

Cucumber w/Shrimps n Eggs4 mini cucumbers3 eggsShrimps2Tbsp dried shrimp soaks2 clove garlicFish gravy to taste1/3 cup water
1) Saute mode hi, Saute dried shrimps n garlic with 1Tbsp oil til fragrant.2) Add shrimps n stir fry. Once change col, add in cucumbers and mix.3) Add in water n bring to simmer then lower to Saute mode low til cucumber is soft4) Add eggs n mix them up. Once eggs is cooked, serve warm 
Tumeric Grilled Kembong4 Kembong, slit1Tbsp kembong2 clove garlic, slice1tsp salt1tsp sesame oilBlack pepper
1) Marinate with above for 30mins2) Grill on hi x 10mins, halfway thru flip