Formula 1 - Arithmetic Game: So Vettel Is World Champion In Austin

Sebastian Vettel Vs Fernando AlonsoDuel of the Giants: Vettel against Fernando AlonsoSebastian Vettel could be in Austin for the third year in a row nominate a world champion.

Sebastian Vettel has a chance: the Heppenheimer could travel as a three-time world champion at the season finale in Brazil. Currently, the Red Bull driver is with 255 points, ten points ahead of his only remaining rival for the championship crown - Fernando Alonso. We reckons when Vettel departs as world champion from America.

Basically Vettel needed in Texas 15 points more than Alonso. Even with a victory for the Ferrari drivers in Brazil and a concurrent zero number of German Vettel would be due to several victories this season champion. Thus Austin remain three possible scenarios championship. In the Constructors' Championship premature decision is also very likely. Ferrari would have to get at least 40 points more than the Austrians, to postpone a decision yet.

The three scenarios Vettel

Variant one - Vettel wins:
In a Vettel victory Alonso would go at least in fourth position in order to obtain a mini-chance. Wins Vettel and Alonso finishes fifth or worse, Vettel is champion for the third time.

Variant two - one is faster than Vettel
The Heppenheim with the U.S. premiere in Austin second, Alonso can get a maximum of three points. Thus, the Spaniards may be best ninth to the third title success in the series is in the bag.

Variant three - Minimalist for the third title:
Vettel secures itself in Texas for third place just 15 points, Alonso can score any points - that must eleventh or worse - so Red Bull drivers' title can still celebrate in the land of opportunity.