IHCC - Broccoli, Carrot And Quail Eggs (Yotam Ottolenghi)

The other day at Cold Storage, I was searching for Betty Crocker Pancake mix when I come across this pancake mix - Marie Callender's Corn Bread/Muffin Mix. It is selling at $1.20, I think, clearing stock as it is expiring on the 14th this month. So I took a pack to try and intend to make Roast Chix at home, to imitate those you have at Kenny Rogers. Verdict - it's not bad for a quick n fuss-free cornbread!
As I was decided what else to go with the Roast Chix and Corn Bread, salad was my 1st choice til I stumble upon the post by Joyce of Kitchen Flavour. That was my 1st encounter with IHCC (stands for I Heart Cooking Club). It is a group of cooking lovers who have a theme and free choice of what recipes to use, that features or is from the guest chef that is chosen. I briefly browse and saw this - Asparagus with celery and quails' eggs. 
I was intrigued to make this, simply toss on olive oil and sprinkle black pepper over blanch vegetables.  And I replace the apsaras and celery with broccoli and carrot. It is light, simple and yummy. I didn't use the olive oil ultimately, I toss it in the Chix oil from roasting the Chix, to get some of the marinate 'taste' from the Chix. Then I topped it off with black pepper and I am done.
The combination of Roast Chix, Corn Bread and Broccoli, Carrot & Quail Eggs salad goes very well. Light and flavourful. I would definitely recommend this to lazy ppl who want to impress guests that they invite over for dinner. Haha~
I am submitting this recipe to IHCC on the theme of 'Loving the Leaf' by guest chef Yotam Ottolenghi

Aparagus, Celery and Quail eggs (adapted from Guardian.co.uk400g medium asparagus, woody ends removed (net weight)
Olive oil
¾ tsp celery salt (or fine sea salt)
12 quail eggs
10g celery leaves, roughly chopped (ie from about one head of celery)
2 tsp lemon juice
Black pepper1) Cut and blanch vegetables in water. Using the same water, put quail eggs in to boil2) Cook for about 5mins, pour away the hot water and soak in cold water.3) Using the same pot after roasting the Chix, put blanched veg into pan and grill til you get charred mark. Toss over lemon juice and black pepper. Serve warm with Chix.