Marshmallow ❤️❤️

Bookmarked this for the longest and always wanted to do. Failed twice following the video recipe and searched for dozens of video recipe trying to find out the problem! Then I realised my handling of gelatine was wrong, the marshmallow need to set before ‘powdering’ them. And here I go again! 
I am using this recipe from Kokoma and following from facebook! I will explain in details as some parts, I believed was left out so that the video is shorter and cleaner to view. And her full recipe is in her book, so do buy her book from here. 

I wasnt good with Arts to start with so I really anyhow draw some cute cartoons and complete them. My mistake from this experience is letting them set in the fridge. I should have left it in room temp as it started to sweat after out from the fridge and somehow the ‘icing sugar’ is sticked on them, therefore the character is slightly not so visible. 
Going to attempt them soon again with my older kids on school holidays. Will be back to update more! 
Marshmallow35g Egg white (approx 1 egg white)30g Caster Sugar
25g Caster Sugar10g Corn Syrup30g Water
2 Gelatine sheets, cut into smaller pieces & soaked in iced waterWringe dry and microwave 10 secs to melt
1) Beat egg white & sugar til leave streaks.2) Bring sugar mixture to boil, without stirring them. Jus occassionally swirl the pot and let it bubble for a while3) Slowly trickle sugar solution into egg whites and continue to beat til it becomes thick n fluffy.4) Add in gelatine & vanilla essence and beat til it beocomes fluffy and glossy5) Seperate and add colourings as desired. Pipe on baking sheets, dusted with icing sugar.6) Leave to set in room temp for 1-2hours. 7) Dust icing sugar over the top and remove 1 by 1 and use a strainer to shake off excess icing sugar8) Keep in air tight for 2-3 days for freshness.