Meatball Marinara Fusilli

Almost mid week and what to cook in the mornings for the kids to school that is fuss free! Then came to me that I have been wanting to do pressure cook pasta. Yay! So dig thru my freezer and found meatballs. Meatballs marinara it shall be! Best is I can cook a batch so that youngest can have it for lunch when he is home. (cos mummy went on breakfast dates with friends ?)

Really simply throw everything in, just set to pressure cook and I went ahead with what I am busy with usually! Loving my Ninjafoodi day by day with all the little wonder it can do for me! 

Mummies or Daddies,please do give this a try if you are rushing for time every morning preparing lunchboxes. All it took was about 15mins from the start to end. Meatballs and pasta can never go wrong. ?
 Meatball Marinara Fusilli150g Fusilli200ml Pasta sauce170ml Cream170ml Milk170ml diced tomatoes10-12 Meatballs
Grated parmesan and parsley flakes to stir in
1) Dump everything into pot and give a gentle stir. Pressure cook mode Hi x 2mins (Recommended cooking time is 8mins for this fusilli)*Using recommended time on packaging, lowest even number (eg if its 5, take 4) and divide by 2. Then minus 2 more minutes. Thats the time to pressure cook*2) Natural release for 5mins and quick release if still have pressure. Stir and mix well.3) Add in grated parmesan and parsley flakes then give it a quick stir. Serve warm ❤️
Credits: Pasta pressure cook timing is obtained from inquiringchef