My 1st Father's Day Cake

Yesterday was Father's Day, and I have been pondering for the past few weeks on what should I bake?? *scratch head* I was thinking of a devilish Chocolate Cake so I could submit to my friend's blog for the Aspiring Baker thingy but ended up didnt as could be too chocolately for Hubby. Or perhaps a Fondant Cake with shirt and tie but also ended up didnt. So I decided on a Chocolate Sponge top with Chocolate Ganache and decorated with Fondant Hearts, small tie for the deco. Hubby and all says it was yummy and it really makes me feel the effort was all worth it. And I have made a mental note to beautifully decorate the rest of all my cakes. In a way to also practise practise for my piping, and decorating abilities..

As i combined a lot of recipes for this time round, I wont be posting any recipes link cos very messy. I use the Spongemix for the Choc Sponge, uses the ganache from another link etc. And since I had some time, I made the Oreo Butter cake again for my mum & sis again. =)