Tom Yum Seabass

Lately my hub fell in love with seabass. I decided to trial and make something tangy and spicy. Came up with an idea of using tom yum paste to make a thick sauce. 
First, I panfry the seabass marinated with sesame oil, huatiao and some pepper. Panfry til skin cripsy and nice. Then fry the thick sauce to drizzle over! Oh my gosh! I regret not making more sauce! Its so tangy that it goes SUPER WELL with rice! Total ❤️❤️ Hub gave thumbs up too! So I definitely need to record down what I did so I can make it again!

This was my spread tonight! Kids love egg tofu so much that I make it into 1 dish with round spinach and minced meat. Favourite for them! 
Tom Yum Seabass1 Seabass fillet, approx 300-400g1 lemongrass, halve2 ginger slice1tsp chopped garlic1Tbsp tom yum paste1/3 cup water4Tbsp milk4 chilli padi, chopped
Marinate fillet with 1Tbsp sesame oil and huatiao with some pepper
1) Panfry fillet til crispy and brown. Set aside2) Put some oil, saute lemongrass, ginger and garlic3) Add jn tom yum paste and water and mix well. Lower fire and add in milk4) Stir in chilli padi and off fire. Drizzle over fish, serve warm.